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Should I Buy A Laser Printer For Home

Should I Buy A Laser Printer For Home

“Should I buy a laser printer for my home printing?” This was the question I asked myself about a year ago. For too long I delayed the purchase of a home laser printer. I knew laser printers were probably more cost-effective¬†and faster but I wasn’t going to drop a ton of cash on a color laser jet and was hesitant to switch to a black and white laser printer.

After many, many monthly ink cartridge purchases, I gave in and purchased a Brother Compact Laser Printer from Amazon. I have not looked back to my old Epson since and wish I would have made this upgrade much earlier. Of course, this decision will be different for everyone based on their printing needs.

For my home printing (about 50 pages per week), the printer has already paid for itself within a year or so since purchasing. I also love the speed increase a home laser printer provides compared to an inkjet printer. Do I miss the all-in-one features of the Epson and color printing? Not really, most of what I use the printer for is printing articles and financial charts which both show up just fine in black and white.

Laser Printer Benefits vs Inkjet

  • Two-sided printing
  • Faster printing
  • Cheaper printing
  • Less frequent cartridge replacement
  • More reliable

Should You Switch To A Laser Printer

If you answer yes to these questions it might be time for you to get a laser printer. We recommend the Brother Compact Laser Printer.

  • Do you want to lower your printing costs?
  • Do you want faster printing?
  • Will you manage to survive without color?
  • Are you tired of changing ink cartridges?!