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Why You Need A Foam Roller And Some Balls

Why You Need A Foam Roller And Some Balls

We all sit too much and develop some overly tight muscles that need a foam roller. Kelly Starrett, the famous physical therapist, author, and speaker calls this “Death By Desk” in his books Deskbound and Becoming A Supple Leopard. When we sit for extended periods of time, our muscles continually contract and shorten. Essentially we are locking ourselves into this poor posture.

Some of the most common places you’ll need a foam roller to help release are the hips, shoulders, and upper back. The good news is once you are armed with a foam roller and some balls you can spend a few minutes each day reversing your tight muscles and fixing your posture problems. When we say balls we mean high-density foam balls like these foam balls from Amazon. However, once you start attacking your tight muscles you might realize you need the other kind of balls too – it can hurt!

After buying your foam roller and foam massage balls you’ll want to learn how to loosen some of the tightest muscles. We really like this book by Kelly Starrett, Becoming A Supple Leopard. Kelly also has some great videos on YouTube like the one shown below.

Tight Muscle Gear

Here’s a quick checklist of all the gear we recommend to get started reversing your tight muscles and fixing your posture.

  • High-density foam roller – You’ll definitely need a foam roller to get started. Foam rollers can be found incredibly cheap on Amazon and brand does not matter.
  • Foam massage balls – We are a bit pickier on the foam balls we recommend. These foam balls we have found to be the best bang for your buck and you get 3 different sizes to be able to target different muscles.
  • Becoming A Supple Leopard – You don’t necessarily need a book to get started, especially with all the foam rolling guides on YouTube. But, if you are serious about fixing your posture Kelly’s book is The Bible of stretching and foam rolling exercises.
  • Resistance band (exercise band) – As you get more advanced you’ll want to incorporate some additional resistance into your stretching routine and a cheap resistance band is a great addition.

Example Stretching / Release Video