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Book Of The Week – The Daily Stoic

Book Of The Week – The Daily Stoic

I’m excited to invite you to join me in reading our book of the week, The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. In this book, you’ll find a collection of wisdom from the ancient Stoics. If you are thinking “what is that and why do I care”, that is exactly what I thought before picking this book up. However, I am glad I did. The information I have picked up in this book over the last week or two has been eye-openingĀ and it is very easy to read.

Ryan organizes the information in a very simple and unique format. Each page is meant to be read on a specific date and offers one idea or perspective from the ancient Stoic philosophy. In the first paragraph, he references a quote from a famous Stoic. He then explains the idea in simple, modern terminology in the next paragraph or two. There is so much to gain from reading a couple paragraphs each day! In the author’s own words, The Daily Stoic is “intended to be used a tool in the pursuit of self-mastery, perseverance, and wisdom.”

I’ve only been reading this book for a little over a week but I am really enjoying focusing on only a few ideas each day. It has been more impactful than trying to digest and apply large amounts of information at once. Here is a quote that stood out to me from the March 18th page – “Someone can’t frustrate you, work can’t overwhelm you – these are external objects and they have no access to your mind. Those emotions you feel, as real as they are, come from the inside, not the outside.”

If the above quote resonates with you or you enjoy simple daily meditations, join us in this weeks book of the week choice, The Daily Stoic. You can find it on Amazon.