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Best Garden Hose For Everyday Use

Best Garden Hose For Everyday Use

Are you tired of dealing with a hose that is always kinked and looking for the best garden hose (with a reasonable budget)? Garden hoses are one of those products where spending slightly more can save you a lot of headache and money in the long run. We’ve found cheap hoses to kink and burst open more often than a high-quality rubber hose. The time savings alone from having fewer kinks makes the upgraded hose worth it!

In a hurry and just want our recommendation on the best garden hose? We like the Craftsman 50′ Rubber Garden Hose from Amazon.

What Makes The Best Garden Hose?

Let’s take a look at what we considered when looking for the best garden hose.

  1. Relatively affordable, we understand price and quality tend to be related but at a certain price point, it makes sense to pick a cheaper and replaceable option. Our budget was $1 per foot of hose length.
  2. Easily obtainable, we want our selection to be available regardless of location.
  3. Long lasting, we’ve all had hoses that last less than 2 years. We want a minimum of 5 years out of our garden hose.
  4. Kink resistant, the amount of kinking a hose has is often related to how easy it is coil when you’re done. The easier it is to coil, the more likely it is to kink. We think the rubber used in the Craftsman 50′ Rubber Garden Hose is the right balance.
  5. Warranty, the Craftsman hose comes up with a lifetime warranty. The details are included with the hose but Craftsman is known for having a fast and easy warranty process.

Why We Think The Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose Is The Best

We think the best garden hose is the Craftsman rubber garden hose. It hits on all of our all of our requirements.

  1. It’s relatively affordable the 50-foot rubber hose and the 100-foot rubber hose are both less than a dollar per foot.
  2. You don’t have to go to a specialty store or site to find this hose. It’s available at Amazon, Ace Hardware, Sears, and many other retailers.
  3. Rubber hoses are designed to be more durable and last longer than the typical garden hose. Your average garden hose is made of vinyl and reinforced with a radial cord – these are prone to kinking, cracking, and splitting.
  4. The Craftsman rubber garden hose is sturdier than a lightweight, flexible garden hose. It does take a little more force to maneuver but overall the durability and fewer kinks are worth it.
  5. As we mentioned above, Craftsman has a nice warranty program and this hose comes with the longest warranty period you can get – lifetime.

What’s The Best Hose Length

When it comes to hoses, bigger isn’t always better. However, we like to err on the side of slightly too large than too small. There is nothing worse than having to straighten your entire garden hose to reach all the areas of you’re working on. Our general rule is to look at the max distance you want to extend your hose to and add about 20% – 30% to it. For example, if you will typically be extending your hose to 25 – 30 feet, we’d recommend a 50-foot garden hose.

Get yours here Craftsman 50′ Rubber Garden Hose or the longer 100-foot Craftsman Rubber Hose (Amazon).