It’s Easier To Steer A Moving Ship

It’s Easier To Steer A Moving Ship

There is a major trend people across the world are stuck in. I call it “researchitis”. This has probably happened you at some point or might be happening right now… I have personally experienced this many times.

It starts off with an idea that is perfectly valid and leads to a little bit of research. That research leads to more research, and more research, this vicious cycle keeps repeating until you are left with little confidence in your initial idea and have wasted a lot of time. For me, this usually looks like so many Chrome tabs open I can only see the first two letters and an empty bottle of wine.

To break this cycle, it is often better to just get started. It is better to begin without having all the answers. Getting started creates momentum (this is an on-going theme at Quality Revealed, especially for investing) which will make it much easier to make adjustments and course correct. For example, picture a bicycle moving very slowly or not at all, imagine how much harder it is to turn on that bicycle compared to one going at a decent pace. Once you’re moving, it takes less and less input to correct your course. I find this to be especially true when building anything. The process and execution are always more important than the idea.

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